Custom Backgrounds

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How do custom backgrounds work?

Most of the indoor photos we take are in front of a white backdrop that we provide. If you’d like to be shot in front of a background of your choice (a bookshelf, window, outdoors), that’s no problem at all, providing this background exists somewhere on the premise of your location or our studio. If your goal is to have us add a different background during our post-production re-touching, we’ll shoot you in front of the white backdrop first and add the background later.

Three things to keep in mind regarding custom backgrounds:

1. Although we offer them, we do not recommend custom backgrounds. First and foremost, we are a photography business, not a digital re-touching or reproduction company. We’d be happy to refer you to companies who do that for a living exclusively. Keep in mind that when you start to tinker with the original image file, you’re running the risk of the image looking overly doctored/photoshopped. This is neither ideal for us or you. We do not like to produce work that degrades the overall picture quality, and sometimes adding backgrounds does just that.

2. We only recommend using solid color backgrounds or gradients (pictured above.)

3. All of your custom background requests need to be agreed upon before the photo shoot in writing.

As you can see from the few photos above, we can match any existing color or gradient that you’d like. Perhaps your company already has a certain color in the employee’s background photos on your website and you’d simply like us to match that. Not a problem. It is always helpful to us if you can provide a file or an HTML color code in advance.




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